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Samuel Fukumori
Artist | Student | Varied
I started off with pixelart in the middle of 2012, it put me into the community and taught me how to be a better colorist. In 2013 I picked up art as a more serious hobby and started taking courses, where I was further introduced into still life and all the things surrounding that. Then, in late 2014 I was almost sure that I want to pick up visual art as a profession and transferred to an art school of Design which I still attend now.

Currently my goal is to study and explore life drawing, where I want to get better at figural drawing, lighting and perspective.


Ars longa, vita brevis by PixelLeaf
Ars longa, vita brevis
My take on ASCII art, it was a little fun, but most likely not sticking to it. I began doing it in school as an experiment. Finished home, brah.

No algorithm was used, I simply used an image as a reference upon which I have placed the text.

Font: courier new
Original unsplit version:
So here I am again approaching with a quite long journal. I want to keep this clear as possible, so I'm going to divide it into three segments. A segment about deviantArt and where I am with it right now, another one about my life and what is happening in it and finally one about TF2. A game you don't probably care much about, but it's just something I want to write and kinda get out there, so let's go.

Me & deviantArt, getting Watchers and Keeping the crappy

I'm not going to talk about the new design, logo and what the staff has been doing, because I couldn't care less.
What I will talk about is what I think about the community. Because I have a weird relationship with dA. On one hand you have amazing people creating original content, beautiful stuff. Even if it's not that great you can often see the progression they are going through and appreciate that. But on the other hand, there are just gonna be people who will write text on pictures they found on the internet, or just image macros they generated in a meme generator in 5 seconds. The thing that bothers me here is that these two kinds of people share the same space. Imagine dA as a big block, a big neighborhood. You got people that have houses that look great, and make the whole street look very nice, and then you have just like piles of dirt, they are stinky and are generally not appealing. What the image of the neighborhood ends up looking like is just a stinky block with some nice houses. DeviantArt can't be seen as a place for talented artist when 70% of it are Sonic OC's in rather strange outfits and scenarios.
Another thing I want to talk about are my watchers. I don't really have an astonishing amount of watchers, and the rate at which they are coming is rather slow. And this is not something that bothers me, I just want to say that I completely understand why that is. My content for the last year has not been very stable in style. You got vector images, through photoshop drawings, gmod pictures, typography, paper and just a traditional pencil on a paper. The reasons are just that I'm trying a lot of new things, but this variety of styles is an explanation for my watcher count. When people are looking for someone to watch, they are looking for stable content. A style, or theme that they can rely that they will get delivered. That's just how you get people to subscribe to you on deviantArt, on Tumblr, YouTube, just everywhere. Most of my watchers come back from when I just made pixelart and that was my thing. I still have them for some reason, but they aren't really "there", I technically have them, but the activity I get is none.
The very last thing I want to talk about regarding deviantArt is my gallery. What's in it and what people think when they browse through it, because I got some pretty embarrassing stuff there, at least for me. I have deleted some, but mostly I kept everything, even tho it's just crappy shit I made when I was 14. It's because I see my dA gallery as some kind of diary, a journal, captain's log however you call it. Artwork that can show you where I started and where I am in present. If I wanted a portfolio for me, I would like make a website or something, I don't really know.

New school, Near and Far future

So my life recently went through some significant changes. I changed schools. I went from a Bilingual high school into a School of design, to study well... design. It's mainly because I wanted to transfer into an art school since the first grade. But the thing is, that I would have to go through the whole accepting to school process again, and that would basically happen at the end of this school year, meaning I would pretty much be in the first grade of art school, when my old classmates would be in third grade. Also meaning I would be an 18 year old in first grade. However this School of Design said that I can do so right now, if I pass the art school test and what not. I have learned this, earlier this month. And they gave me 5 days to get ready. For three days I have not gone to school, I have been practicing the whole time, gone to really intense classes, but somehow I did it. I am now there and I can finally just draw 15 hours a week, and not worry about school, because it is the school.
Well, some things coming up in the near future. The winter break, super exciting stuff. Christmas, will eat some fish and stay up really late, also great news. Everything looks really jolly and merry right now. More about the far future. Well, as far as I can see is me going to an animation 3 year art uni. Where I will basically study animation for 3 years, hopefully can get there. Animation is something I didn't do a lot (but did some), but I can see the potential it has in the future. Animation is not just cartoons. It's anything from movies to video games. And seeing art is getting into the digital era, I think it will be something worth doing.

End of the Line, TF2 is dead and Valve just doesn't care anymore

If you made it to here, I don't know what to tell ya. I though none of my watchers care about TF2 (excluding TheBuggiest).
So recently Team Fortress 2, a game I dearly love has gotten an update. Not just any update, the MOST OVERHYPED UPDATE IN THE HISTORY OF TF2 (this statement is purely subjective). A lot of people were so hyped for the End of the Line, we all thought we will get a cool new map, new weapons with changed stats and just so many amazing things. However, what we did end up getting is the promised short (was amazing btw), ONE weapon reskin and some new hats (some nice winter hats, I really do like them). With this update being a real disappointment for a lot of people, they started saying that tf2 is dying. Now don't take this the wrong way, people have said this claim a lot of times in the past and well... still here. But I started noticing that a lot of the parts of TF2 community is really kinda starting to die out. Not really dying but facing some very big issues.
TF2 has always been this huge community divided by very distinctive traits. You got the Average players, people who just want to play Public servers and have fun with the game on a rather casual level. The Traders, people who enjoy trading hats and gaining profit withing tf2 economy more than playing the game itself. Competetive players that play very seriously, have divisions, strategy, the elite players of Team Fortress 2. MvM community, people very much enjoying Mann vs. Machine, a defense based wave robot kinda shooty booty. Jumpers, people that don't want to shoot at players, but rather under their feet, speedrunning and going at very high velocities. SFM Artists, people doing amazing Team Fortress 2 related content in Source Film Maker. Then there are smaller ones like fashion groups, surfers, sprayers, etc. but this is what I really like this about the TF2 community. What am I also starting to see, is that competetive players are kinda having a hard time with keeping it together. When there are live TF2 tournaments, casters often, VERY often have technical difficulties, which is insane. Because that prevents them from doing their job right. Then traders are not really in the pink either. The TF2 economy is sinking fast. Key prices are getting ridiculous. When I started playing the game back in 2012 a price of one key was 3 ref. Now the price is 12 ref and going up!

The economy can't be fixed that easily, but the other things Valve can fix if they try to. With that I would like to bring up my favorite kind of update. It isn't a major update where weapons or maps are added into the game. No, it's fixing updates. My favorite update of all time is the Housekeeping update back from the summer of 2013. Where they just took a lot of items, bugs and maps and fixed them! There was nothing new added to the game, but so many weapons were underused, that it almost was like new weapons were added. Baby Face's Blaster was a very unappreciated weapon back then, but now (even tho a little OP) it's just everywhere. We want a lot from Valve to do these fixes and overhauls of TF2, but I don't think they care anymore. I can also see why. TF2 is an old game. A very old game, which runs on a very old engine. And a lot of times it seems, that when TF2 Team adds something to the game, so many bugs are created as well, that it just has to be very tiring.

So what am I most excited about to come in TF2? Most probably about the Source 2 that's lurking around for quite a while. Porting the game to Source 2 will be a great thing, since it's going to be more up to date, better optimized. TF2 right now is so poorly optimized, that you will get 60 fps on some maps no matter what kind of liquid hydrogen computer you have. It will be like the biggest fix ever, without looking for the bugs. Also there have been some rumors about a Spy vs. Engineer update, where they supposedly will add competetive matchmaking, which should help with the overall popularity with the game. That's pretty much it, I though about many more things regarding tf2, but maybe next time, or somewhere else, where people actually care.

Thanks for reading, whichever paragraph you chose, id be happy if we can have a discussion.
See ya!

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